Vita-Sol Wholefoods

About Vita-sol

At Vita-sol we are the experts in slow ageing.

Practicing honest nutrition, we specialise in healthy ageing and wellbeing. Providing nutritional wholefood powders to support healthy ageing, helping you look and feel fabulous from the inside out.

Our products are developed by leading Australian nutrition experts using the highest quality ingredients carefully sourced from around the globe. We use gentle ingredient extraction processes to retain purity and efficacy resulting in what we believe to be the highest standard available in nutritional wholefoods. 

We believe nutritional products should be:

  • Targeted for specific concerns.
  • Based on latest nutritional research.
  • Free from artificial sweeteners, chemicals, pesticides or mass production processes.
  • Free from synthetic ingredients.
  • Organic fruits and vegetable derived wherever possible.
  • Tested for toxic heavy metal safety.
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Good skin begins from within...

The skin is the largest organ of the body and the first to show external signs of premature ageing and nutritional imbalances. We spend an ever-increasing amount on topical skincare with advanced cosmeceutical ingredients such as peptides, vitamins, minerals, penetration enhancers and bioactive compounds to improve the texture and appearance of the skin but what about supporting the skin internally?

The best way to have healthy looking skin is to have a healthy body. Fuelling the body with nutrient dense ingredients to support cell integrity, hydration and antioxidant support is the foundation to glowing, radiant skin. By supporting skin health from the inside and refining the condition of the skin topically, we set ourselves up for the very best skin we can have.

 Signs of possible nutritional deficiencies include:

  • Redness
  • Dry skin
  • Dermatitis
  • Dilated capillaries
  • Pigmented skin
  • Acne
  • Breakouts
  • Premature ageing
  • Brittle nails and hair
  • Devitalised skin
Vita-sol Wholefood Powders are the perfect partner to any skincare range, supporting the skin from within, enhancing the topical skincare’s benefit.

At Vita-sol we do not believe that skin experts should not be prescribing vitamin supplements at a professional therapeutical level unless they are fully qualified in nutrition. Vita-sol was developed by a skincare and nutritional medicine expert as nutritional food grade support for skin health and general wellbeing. We know that a healthy diet plays a valuable role in skin health however many people are simply not getting enough nutrients from the food that they are eating. This may be due to dietary factors, gut health or simply not eating enough of the good stuff like fruit and veggies.

Contra indications

Our products are classified as a food thereby they are formulated to provide important nutrients to feed the skin and body in a pure, safe and bioavailable way, just as you would get from a super healthy diet. We do not use synthetic high dose vitamins and minerals which can have side effects as we feel these should only be supplied when there is clinical professional evidence to do so.

Whilst high dose vitamin supplements may interact with health conditions and medications, there are only a few foods that are contraindicated with specific health conditions, pregnancy and medications. Most medications will deplete important vitamins and minerals making the need for quality food grade nutrition even higher. When in doubt always check with a medical doctor prior to making and drastic dietary changes.

As a cautionary guide:

  • Pregnancy. Seek medical advice prior to making any dietary changes. Purity contains dandelion and milk thistle and we do not recommend taking this during pregnancy without medical approval.
  • Breast feeding. Seek medical advice prior to taking Purity due to the dandelion and milk thistle.
  • Cancer. We do not recommend taking Infinity during chemotherapy treatments due to the high dose antioxidants which could inhibit the effectiveness of the chemotherapy drugs by providing antioxidant cell support.
  • Blood pressure medication. There are different types of blood pressure medications and each work differently in the body. If someone is taking potassium sparing blood pressure medication they may need to be mindful not to eat a diet that is really high in potassium rich foods such as fruits and vegetables. As a safety precaution we would therefore recommend medical approval prior to recommending any form of dietary changes including taking Vita-sol wholefood powders.